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Be Unique, Be Different, Be Yourself!!!

Original & Unique Tattoo Designs Just For You

I design unique, powerful and deep meaning tattoos for people who understand and respect art and want to have my artistic tattoo designs on their skin. All my tattoo designs are created based on my clients concepts and ideas, tattooed one time and on the person who purchase the appointment.

My designs are planned to last long time and look beautiful while aging. Always with traditional tattooing techniques in mind but with my personal twist.

Original, Unique and Exclusive Tattoo Designs are not on budget tattoos. The time, effort and hard work to produce always an original art needs to be paid properly. I spend countless hours, days and months working, travelling and studying my craft to be better and to be able to offer you the best i can.  Prices are set accordingly from all this aspects.

Get Unique, Different, Printable Art For Yourself!!!

Buy Original & Unique Printable Art

I love to draw, illustrate and innovate. My everyday routine is about creating unique pieces of art to tattoo my lovely clients, but now i also want to focus a bit more on my personal art development and creations for private collectors that don’t want to be tattooed or it’s a bit difficult to be tattooed by me because they live far away from the studio.

So, i came out with this brand new idea to turn my art accessible and affordable to everyone by offering unique limited editions of printable art that you can buy and download to print yourself.

In this way you’ll pay the licence to have my art for personal use to decor your home, office, etc. You’ll print by yourself and so you don’t have to wait for shipping… Also you’ll be able to control the print quality and this way i can have my art affordable to everyone in world.

How it works

Tattoo Appointments

The best way to set the appointment is not by calling the studio, email or text all the our social media channels. I’m only one person and you are more that what i can handle, so please understand that im not ignoring you but focus on current appointments and producing the best art that i can do. I do really respect you all and i’m super honored to tattoo you.

If my book are open, i will have available one page for you to send a briefing idea and after that i will come back to you as soon as i can. If the books are closed, i will have my newsletter that you can subscribe. Please if you plan to tattoo during this period, consider to subscribe and be the first one to know when i’m accepting more clients to tattoo.

I try to book always 3 months in advance, in order to don’t feel overwhelmed and have free time to set some trips to guest spots or conventions and to don’t have a super long waiting list.