How can i tattoo with you!?

If my books are open, i will have a briefing page where you can send me your concepts and ideas. They should be similar and related to what im producing and you can see it in my instagram feed.  I will review it and see if your idea would work with me and get back to you with further steps.

Please don’t send me tiny, sentences and minimalistic ideas to tattoo for my normal appointment requests. I will have in time to time specific days for this. Follow my social networks or subscribe to my newsletter to know when i have it available.

I have send you emails and call to the studio with no answer!

I totally understand  your frustration and i appreciate very much your contact, but im a human person doing all work by my self. No one can talk to you about my work like me and Art takes time, effort and hard work.

Please be patient i will do my best to write you back, but sometimes is not possible because i need to focus on current tattoo work, art and drawing.

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