How it works


That’s exciting for me, and if excites me means that i will do a better tattoo. I’m fortunate to be able to choose the pieces I want to pour myself into. Now that we’re starting communication about your tattoo, this place will give you information to help you along the process.

Let's talk!


Please don’t be offended if we take a bit to get back to you. I try to be on top of communicating, but, with so much back and forth, drawings and appointments, there may be a lag. One new client can sometimes produce as many as 10 emails (20 exchanges) to pull information and nail a date. We don’t mind, but when you multiply that by 10-30 new requests a day, it gets a little hectic. I’m lucky to have the best clientele ever, so you’ll hear no complaints from me…
So, the less emails, the better – let’s get it within a couple of emails.

Booking confirmation


The deposit is the way i can guaranty that will prepare your project and save your tattoo date. It always goes towards the price of the tattoo.  All tattoos are totally original, and tattooed only one time.

More importantly though, once you leave a deposit, I set your appointment as booked and save a date for you. I will send you my available dates, you pick up one, send me the confirmation email and its booked. It’s a system works for me. It tells me it’s okay to mentally attach myself to the project. Please scroll down and book appointment.



Please be on time! Unless requested, no need to come early, but try to come right on time. I mean, I know I tattoo in the city, so I understand a little delay, but after an hour… my interest is fading quickly.

Once you arrive, here’s how it’ll go…
I’ll smile, I might remember to introduce myself, and then I’ll bombard you with questions.

Depending on a bunch of different variables (tattoo size, placement, corrections, tweaks) it will take anywhere from half an hour to an hour and half before we actually tattoo. I need you here so I can see you, my canvas, and have you help me translate what’s in your head.

I may have some questions for you:

I may ask you questions about your personality, don’t mind it! It’s directly related. I’m trying to get a feel for you. I think it’s important. That way I can cater the final product to not only what you’re trying to communicate, but also to who you are.

I’ll ask you basic questions that you think I should already know. Don’t worry. Communicating via email is one thing, actually hearing you respond shows me how much priority to give to certain aspects. Even if I already know the answer. It shows me importance, helps me understand you , and enables me to know how much freedom I may have.


The Important Part

Once you leave a deposit, i will send you my available dates, you pick up one, and the appointment is yours, just send me the confirmation email and its booked.

The Details

• Saturdays are filled up considerably farther in advance, and at the moment im not accepting booking for saturdays
• If i need, i’ll contact you a day or two before your appointment. You’re welcome to contact me if you have changes or additions, but it may take awhile for me to respond.
• Please give me as much notice as possible if you have to cancel or reschedule. I’m in Oporto, but i’m also flying around occasionally… so notice helps a lot.
• If you have a specific budget for a session, please let me know before booked. I schedule based on days or blocks of time depending on the projects i have to work. This’ll help me plan! (the first session of multiple session pieces usually requires a minimum of 3/4 hours).




Larger pieces take more time. I can help estimate, but it’s hard to truly know how long the process will take. Most full sleeves take anywhere from 20 to 40 hours. Half sleeves can take between 10 and 20 hours. The larger pieces are divided into smaller sessions of which can span between 4-12 months.

• Usually, the first session requires a minimum of 3 to 4 hours.
• It’s good to setup the next appointment(s) ASAP with ample time for healing in between.
• Sessions are usually 2-4 hours. But I can go as long as 6/7 hours if need be.



Art Work

I probably won’t start the hands on creation process until the day before your appointment. I work best that way though and embrace it, specially to keep all work organized! But, that doesn’t mean I’m not wrapping my head around your tattoo. I tend to research imagery from all types of sources: paintings, illustrations, photography, or sketch around to prepare my self for the final artwork, etc.

Then, the actual creation will be drawn and scanned and worked out in Photoshop or drawn digitally on my ipad a day or two before. So you won’t really be getting an image to look out until the day of the tattoo. And even then, you and I will pick it apart. I’ll create the final image with you present, if needed. You art will be totally original, created by me and will not be a copy of any other drawing or design. I only tattoo this art on you and only one time.

Pricing and Extra Stuff 


» Speak up! Yes, I’m a perfectionist, but I’m also incredibly easy going (within reason!). I love what I do, but I won’t be offended at all if you don’t like something or want something altered. Let me know! Much can altered. I’ll only stand up for an element if, say, it’s integral for longevity, composition, or communication.

» Tattoo Payment – Normally i accept cash. If you want to pay by card you will have to pay 4% more of the final price to payback the cardprecess fees.

» Returning clients get priority! I’ll always mentally attach priority to existing clients. It’s a given.


Pricing for single sitting tattoos can be given as an estimate. But the actual price is always determined by the final/complete piece. Unless the client gives me a spending limit in advance, then the tattoo will be sized and detailed accordingly. This is fair for both you and me – nobody will be uncomfortably locked into an over or under estimate.

All tattoos will be created by me, tattooed only one time and exclusively on their owner. No drawing or art will be repeated and tattooed on any other client. We guarantee that on our part you will take a piece completely exclusive.

Price per hour and Deposit
  • My standard tattoo rate is based per drawing/tattoo or session.
  • To setup the first appointment, I take a non refundable €200 deposit.
  • This deposit goes towards the price of the tattoo, remains for each additional appointment and comes off the last session.
  • The deposit is non refundable.
  • Minimum price per tattoo -€ 500 – 600 € + Tax (23%Iva) (small to medium)
  • Average price per tattoo/ half day session – € 750 – 900 € + Tax (23%Iva) (medium to large)
  • Full day price 1200 € tattoo + Tax (23%Iva) (Get extra attention for big projects or complex tattoos)
  • Full day price is for those who want bigger projects and need extra attention on art creation and help during this process. You’ll get full attention to the detail from our artist. Normally this sessions are more used for big projects and cover ups.
  • All tattoo designs are exclusive, unique and designed for each client. You are buying unique arts, that will be only tattooed on you. I don’t copy! This is a luxury service that you’ll get.

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